Knowmium disrupts training cycles to grow learning living future exploring organizations.

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Learners in 2019 demand real insights.

Training without reflection & change is at best educational entertainment: we say "wow" & then go back to doing things the way we always have. Does it have to be?

Honestly, no. By starting our learning roadmap with a deeper "why", we collaborate to co-create experiences that serve not as a finish line, but as a starting point & ongoing guide to growth. How does Knowmium view training?


We build services for follow-through, not forgetfulness.

Whether delivered via classroom, webinar, or mobile app: good solutions stretch us to become more than we are, & discover who we are capable of being.

Knowium's learning lab enables a wide variety of services: from training to coaching, from consulting to research, available in multiple formats, levels & durations on 15 key business topics focused on real behavioral change. Jump right on in to training, or…


Our team has a passion for changing the way we learn.

Success comes from the interrelationship between facilitator, delegates, & content.

The best laid plans are only as strong as the interaction that is created in the experience between all three. You can't just hire the company, or hire the content: there needs to be a deep trust that sessions will bring out the best in all all involved— we carefully partner with learning guides who see beyond checkboxes and lectures, who actively give back to their classrooms and communities.