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Knowmium provides completely free half-day and 1-2 hour workshops to eligible non-profit/NGO organizations. 

Harvard Business Review writes about non-profits and states that a volunteer requires “training, training, and more training. And, in turn, the most effective way to motivate and hold veterans is to recognize their expertise and use them to train newcomers. Then these knowledge workers demand responsibility—above all, for thinking through and setting their own performance goals. They expect to be consulted and to participate in making decisions that affect their work and the work of the organization as a whole. And they expect opportunities for advancement, that is, a chance to take on more demanding assignments and more responsibility as their performance warrants. That is why a good many nonprofits have developed career ladders for their volunteers.”

Workshops Include:

  • Speak to Persuade:  Focusing on presentation content, structure, voice, and body language that uses participants’ personal speech ideas and delivery styles in order to create change and action from the audience
  • Writing for Success:  Honing emails, letters, and documents into more efficient and effective messages that are faster to read, easier to understand, and evoke change and action from the readers
  • Influence and Advocacy: Understand our personal persuasion and communication styles as well as others’ styles and then learning how to better communicate with others through language tactics, questions, and listening skills
  • Media Training:  Representing ourselves and our organization to the media through social media, writing, and both audio and video interviews

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