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Public speaking clubs around the world: The cheapest and best place to improve your speaking!

Trainer resources: 

  • My favorite resource:
  • Overview:
  • Facilitation tips:
  • Great FREE Method cards for workshop planning: (they charge for most toolkits, but this one only is free- see the download at the bottom of the webpage at the link!)
  • The Thiagi book I mentioned is: and many (if not all) of the resources are free at: (though you'd have to wade through many).
  • Interactive slides:
  • Interactive polling:

TED Talks on presenting: 

Get better at speaking!

  • Speaking Anxiety:
  • Gestures:
  • Being an expert:
  • Impromptu  speaking:
  • Pronunciation/Voice drills (so many!):
  • Body language in general:

Better PowerPoint Inspiration:

  • or (interactive polling)
  • Duarte Diagrammer:
  • Chart Chooser:
  • Slide Chooser:

Better Image Sources:

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Suggested Books: A small sampling of our favorite books.

  • Honest Signals (the science of body language and voice)
  • Made to Stick
  • The Extreme Presentation Method
  • The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action Through Narrative

Sentiment Analysis Tools (for analyzing audience):