15 Modular tailored training programs designed to meet a variety of levels, needs & durations.


Available in
sessions ranging
from 2 hours to 2
days. Want more
details on the
program outlines?
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Change Your Conversations 

  1. Moving Minds: Influence without authority & master positive persuasion’s push & pull of sharing & understanding.

  2. Negotiate to Great: Leverage systematic frameworks to build trust & achieve truly integrative deals.

  3. Savvy Selling: Combine consultative & insight selling techniques to reach clients of today.

  4. Impromptu for You: Get organized, speak on the spot,
    & connect Q&As to your  audience.

  5. Telling Isn’t Training: Turn SME information dumps into engaging & memorable internal/external seminars.

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Change Your

  1. Speak to Persuade: Craft memorable speeches that motivate change & spark conversations.

  2. Building Business Stories: Turn facts & data into compelling narratives that bring your points to life.

  3. The Write Way: Banish boring emails & postings with clear tools for busy readers. Also available for Equity Research report excellence.

  4. Managing Brand You: Improve your executive presence, practical network, & career image.

  5. Slides That Decide: Convert dull slide decks into visuals that guide focus & action.  

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Change Your

  1. Innovate to Great: Think like a startup with systematic iteration, business analogies, & other divergent tools.

  2. Beyond Bias & Equality by Design: Two journeys in the D&I space that translate awareness into ownership &  application. 

  3. Collaborate to Great: Get out of silos & develop trusted  teams that communicate, create, & captivate together.

  4. Creating Coaching Culture: Differentiate managing from real coaching & accelerate internal learning. 

  5. Working Beyond Borders: Whether virtual or face-to-face, cross cultures in ways that strengthen your teams.


A Field Guide to Delivery Formats:

  • Express Sessions: When time or buy-in is a factor, 90-120 minute express sessions are a great way to cover a few key learning points in highly motivated short intensives with groups up to 24.

  • Mixed Intensive Format (MIF): A balanced mix of morning whole group intensive, & afternoon small group/one-on-one sessions for personal attention & feedback. MIF delivers the strongest ROI of any group session.

  • Standard session format: Available in duration from 4 hours to 2 days, this format is good for groups of 8 to 16 participants.

  • VC/Blended Training: Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways
    to save travel costs by de-locating sessions & hosting via video conferencing & blended learning. 

  • Coaching: Available one on one, in small groups, or as an add on follow up to existing programs to improve skill transfer. All leverage cutting edge assessments, action assignments,
    & tracked progress.

  • Interactive Keynotes: Large scale plenary speeches designed for conferences on key topics & featuring our signature interactivity.

Want something not on the menu?

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Let us know: we love to collaborate & problem solve around challenges in the communication space. A sample of off-menu projects we’ve enjoyed in the past year:

  • Team-building & vision creation session post merger between two organizations that had very different cultures.

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  • Assertiveness for female leaders tailored to the unique dynamics of working in Japan.

  • Facilitating a forum with the top leaders of the APAC division of a US company to determine how to engage & motivate their teams during complex restructuring.