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Ranking Survey
Ranking Survey
In my organization, I know which people in other business units capable of helping me in my job are available within my company.
I often ask colleagues to provide feedback on my approach for dealing with work situations.
I have no hesitation about approaching members of upper management to suggest new ideas.
When working on cross-functional teams, I determine which members I should stay in contact with after the team project ends.
I send colleagues copies of articles, web addresses, or reports I think might interest them.
I frequently ask colleagues for advice regarding work-related problems.
I am comfortable taking the lead in meeting new people.
Before starting new projects, I find out what information is needed to succeed and exactly who in my organization can provide it.
I invest time and effort at work maintaining my network of colleagues.
I am very comfortable displaying a lack of knowledge by asking a colleague for help.
Compared to my coworkers, I know a large number of business contacts outside my organization.
I write thank-you messages to work-related contacts after they have helped me.
I enjoy initiating conversations with work colleagues whom I have never met before.
When I seek help from colleagues, I am certain that they do not see it as a sign that I lack ability.
I periodically organize my contact list to focus on people who have assisted me.
As a rule, I ask work colleagues for ideas on how to address challenging situations.
I am good at taking steps to make myself known to influential people in my organization.
I have established many contacts outside my organization based on their ability to aid me later in my career.
I use social networking tools (e.g., LinkedIn, etc.) to correspond with work-related contacts.
I exchange contact information with many new people I meet at organizational and professional functions.
Immediately after I encounter difficult situations at work, I ask others for guidance about possible courses of action.
I often ask coworkers how satisfied they are with our working relationship.
I am good at identifying people outside my organization who have valuable information or insights.
At meetings or social events, I am not reluctant to introduce myself to someone new.