Hello, we’re Knowmium. We’re definitely not for everyone, but for those who want to change the learning landscape, we’re here to start fires & spark conversations. Knowmium is here:

  • To transform communication by applying hard science to soft skills. We don’t rely on hunches & best guesses anymore— the tools to unpack human interaction in meaningful ways have arrived.

  • To partner with deliberately developmental organizations (DDOs), those firms that see learning as far more than a check box exercise, rather a core component of what makes them resilient.

  • Because the status quo is cheap until it isn’t. There’s often little incentive to fix communication issues in the short run. While many have good intentions (much like New Year’s resolutions), daily pressures often reward short term focus. In 2018, this lead to only 10-20% skill transfer from training despite 300 billion USD being spent worldwide. We exist to bridge that gap & make change a better choice than more of the same.  

  • Because we are unwilling to compromise the excellence that we strive to achieve. We built Knowmium as a learning laboratory— to experiment with better communication, & we do exactly that.

  • Because we are excited about the topics we train & research in. We’ve created a place where we are happy to come to work, & want to share that experience with our learning partners & workshop delegates.

We firmly believe:

  • In sharing our materials far & wide, because what makes us different can’t be copied. The difference is in the engagement & facilitation. Great chefs have no fear of sharing their recipes.

  • Rushing doesn't work for reflection: Slow is the new fast. You can keep telling people your fast food quick fix training is four star, but the palette knows. Look we get it— sometimes you just need a quick french fry fix: but a healthy diet was built on more. Real education takes time, & tastes entirely different.

  • Change is built on a balanced mix of mindset, took-kits, & structure: We can deliver innovation training that changes mindsets & provides the tools, but without a work environment structured to support follow through change is limited.

  • In putting learners first— both ourselves & our learning partners are there to serve the ultimate clients: the learners we ask to step outside their own comfort zones & take ownership of transformation.

  • Good learning is co-created. We are not a vendor, but a partner. We politely push back, so that delegates & stakeholders are not left wondering, why after all that “training” did nothing really change.

  • Education doesn’t easily scale: We are more like the restaurant industry than the car industry. You can make thousands of high-end luxury cars identically, but with restaurants fine dining rarely achieves scale; only fast food does. Small is the new big.

What Does a Knowmium Session Feel Like?

Featured Follow-Ups

Often training is treated as a one-off event. Without strong lead-up  & follow-through, we lose the majority of our momentum. In addition to our extensive tailoring & pre-assessment, as follow-up we offer:

  • 5 Minute Mentor (Micro-learning via our iOS/Android app): Just-in-time delivery of new ideas & review, right to  your computer or phone. Carefully sectioned bite sized chunks of learning to grow without wearing out or cutting into the work day. Usage reporting is available for L&D feedback.

  • Impact Boosters: Short 1 to 2 hour sessions, ideally in small groups, to reconnect with & stretch beyond session topics. Strong proven ROI & highly encouraged.

  • Accountability Partners: picture the buddy system, only better— partners check in on each other & peer evaluate.

  • Coaching Culture: Short training for managers to better enable them to coach, mentor, provide feedback, & lead discussions on our training topics.

  • Deal Ride-Alongs: Follow up coaching & prep on ongoing real world cases. We’ll help your teams guide skills from the training room out into the world.

  • Resource Library: Available 24/7, our carefully curated articles & tools to expand on training topics.

While sessions vary greatly depending on topic & duration, at their core training is highly interactive, tailored, & practical. What you won’t see: long lectures, overloaded slide decks, & quick jumps from one unlinked activity to another. Learning is a consequence of thinking & doing, not teaching. Theory, research, & extensive stakeholder interviews are leveraged to ground workshops in best practices, while in session time is spent deep in hands-on experience, feedback, & reflection to help bridge the knowing-doing gap. A snapshot of some of our in session approaches:

  • A blend of external (localized cases inspired by Kellogg/Harvard simulations) & custom client simulations co-created with leaders there.

  • Structured pair-work, small group, & plenary discussions, activities, & problem solving.

  • 360° Video with peer & trainer feedback, leveraging the use of live rewinds, sub-texting (reading between the lines), & conversation mapping.

  • Hot-seat/Fishbowl simulation with senior client role-players.

  • Speech & interactive simulation transcript deconstruction, applying sentiment analysis to see where back & forth dialogues break down.

  • Gamification of key elements— card based techniques for surfacing difficult concepts & making thinking visible.


Knowmium is the partner of choice for learning organizations that want to fundamentally change how their people communicate, collaborate, & innovate: with each other & with their own clients.

In short: we help those who do good, do better.

Let’s begin.