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In what location was this program facilitated?
DELIVERY SURVEY: about Joshua's training
DELIVERY SURVEY: about Joshua's training
This information will be used to improve the program and provide the trainer with feedback.
The workshop was applicable to my job
I will recommend this workshop to other SR team members
The program was well paced within the allotted time
The instructor was a good communicator
The material was presented in an organized manner
The instructor was knowledgeable on the topic
The workshop activities stimulated my learning.
The activities in this workshop gave me sufficient practice and feedback.
The difficulty level of this workshop was appropriate.
The instructor was well prepared
The instructor was helpful
The instructor responded well to questions
The instructor facilitated interactions among participants well
I would be interested in attending a follow-up, more advanced workshop on this same subject
NOTE: The results of this section are 100% ANONYMOUS. This information is for SR internal purposes only. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
We effectively use internal/external information sources to stay up to date on our market/client.
Our strategy effectively addresses potential growth opportunities.
We include all key internal stakeholders to ensure smooth strategy execution.
We are disciplined and effective at breaking our strategy into tasks/milestones and assigning accountability.
We are disciplined and effective at sales pipeline management.
We effectively adjust our activities and targets to changing needs and environment.
We are effective at identifying a client's desired experience.
We effectively market our delivery to key decision makers.
We objectively challenge ourselves (internally) when the client does not respond to our approach.
We effectively share market watch activities and results team-wide.
We connect our market knowledge and intelligence to our clients' business.
We are effective at spotting trends and offering insights that are useful to our clients/prospects.
We effectively draw on Swiss Re resources to maintain momentum/overcome obstacles with a deal.
We understand our client's buying process i.e., their timing, approach to decision making, who will decide, role/influence of broker, etc.
We guide/coach our client through the deal process.
We have a strong value proposition.
We effectively link our value proposition to client business priorities.
We are able to show unique solution ideas to our clients/brokers in response to client needs.
We are well prepared for negotiations.
We get the right cross-functional team members involved in negotiations.
We are effective at creating value earlier in the sales cycle to improve negotiations later.
We effectively leverage our networks to get access to prospective stakeholders/clients.
We are effective at internally distributing and assessing information gathered from clients at meetings.
We effectively prepare for meetings with clients we don’t know well.
We collaborate well as a team cross-functionally.
We have good follow-through on agreed on actions. We do what we plan.
There is strong trust and respect for others cross-functionally.