Brain-based learning services built for the fast changing lives of humans in 2018. 

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Tailored TraininG

Customized training in 24 modular programs, delivered in multiple durations, formats, and levels of experience, as well as delivery of internal client programs.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Executive coaching for high potentials by certified corporate coaches, as well as training on how to coach for developing internal coaching programs.

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Non-profit sessions

Pro-bono half day and express training for eligible NGO's and non-profits on persuasive communication topics designed to help those who do good, do better.

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L&D Consulting

Expert insights and consulting on designing end to end learning and development solutions that maximize employee engagement and follow-through for better growth.


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Train the trainer

Training for your own leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) on how to train: enabling them to transition from mere presenting to real facilitating as you grow your learning culture.

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keynote speeches

Top talks on key topics for today delivered by award champion speakers, National Geographic explorers, and industry leaders: perfect for both conferences and internal ecents.

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Licensed Assessments

Certified leading-edge assessments on personality, group dynamics, influence, conflict and more: embedded withing larger programs, coachibg or delivered independently.

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Content Creation

Creation and curation of content for internal training, websites, newsletters and more: gathering the best research and resources for your organization's learners to build lasting interest.