Responsibilty & Knowmium 

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In addition to providing excellent programs and services to our clients in Asia-Pacific and beyond, Knowmium Consulting strives to create and implement the highest ethical standards and practices internally and externally.  We’ve created our Company Responsibility Pledge to highlight our beliefs, our policies, and our actions.  We value transparency, and we hope our clients, other companies, and other organizations implement similar ethical standards and practices.

1. Ethical Standards

  • We avoid conflicts of interest with our clients, associates, and employees.  We are transparent with all parties.  We honor confidentially whether written or implied.  We protect our clients’ interests, reputations, and data.
  • We are ethical and self-aware individuals in every country we visit and operate in.  We are ambassadors of our home countries and our company. 
  • We are free of discrimination and bias from nationality, gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.  We treat everyone with due respect in all situations.
  • We avoid work and requests which could damage the organization’s reputation, the client’s reputation, the training industry’s reputation, and our employees’ reputations.
  • We abide by the laws and regulations of the countries, companies, and organizations we work with and address legal concerns directly.
  • We create an ethical environment by ensuring employees respect the privacy and confidentiality of companies and clients, provide clear and beneficial contracts and working cultures for our employees, and ensure our employees receive the legal, financial, and personal assurances they need and deserve.
  • We follow the United Nations Global Compact principles on human rights, environment, labour standards, and anti-corruption.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate unneeded physical and paper resources through online and digital materials whenever possible.  

2.  Client Services

  • We provide optimal training and consulting services focused on our clients’ needs, goals, and desires.
  • We seek clear outcomes and agreements before program research, development, and facilitation starts by listening to and conversing with our clients, their management, and their staff.
  • We offer clear and efficient communication with our clients through in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, telecommunication, and social media.
  • We remain flexible in our approach and program designs to fit our clients’ needs and changing business environments.
  • We deliver training and consulting aimed at the agreed upon objectives and client expectations using hand-on approaches and participant interaction.
  • We acknowledge when client needs may be better served with alternative programs or alternative consulting firms.
  • We deliver training and consulting skills and knowledge that can be used by the client and staff long after our program ends.
  • We offer continued online learning, tools, and resources, assistance for future internal learning, and followup and feedback after our initial programs end.
  • We seek feedback to improve our programs, delivery, and communication.
  • We study the latest training and consulting news, articles, research, and publications for our own program development and to share new information with our employees and clients.
  • We train our employees and send our employees to external training to refresh skills, build skills, learn new skills, and teach others our own skills.  We allow our employees to seek out training workshops, certification workshops, conferences, and conventions and provide financial and scheduling assistance for their attendance and participation.
  • We encourage our employees to give internal feedback, suggestions, and questions openly to foster dialogue, company and personal improvements, and overall understanding and smooth workflow.

3.  Community Services

In order to give back to communities, cultures, and organizations, we support many non-profit organizations and NGOs in Asia-Pacific and beyond.  Our non-profit support includes:

  •  Operating The Giving Speech, our internal non-profit organization providing pro bono communication and leadership training to non-profit organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.  Organizations encompass environmental, disaster relief, human rights, equal rights, medical, children’s charities, world hunger, and migrants and refugees.
  • Organizing and participating in volunteer activities in conjunction with non-profit organizations across Asia-Pacific.  Example activities include environmental clean up, physical assistance at fundraising events, social media exposure, and volunteer and organizer coaching and training.
  • Donating funds to NGOs and charities to help meet their fundraising and operational goals.
  • Hosting educational events and collaborations with organizations, trainers, and other individuals to share ideas, test new activities, solve problems, and create ongoing professional networks to foster future volunteer efforts.