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Interested in sharing and discussing the latest academic research in persuasive communications? Connect with us on the research sharing site Mendeley. We conduct cutting edge meta-analysis and quantitative research in public speaking, influence, and negotiations. Please watch this space for the following upcoming whitepapers:

  • Understanding TED- examining the structural patterns of successfully persuasive TED talks.
  • Influence in Asia- analyzing the similarities and differences of successful influence techniques in Asia.
  • Negotiations in Asia- analyzing the similarities and differences of successful negotiation strategies in Asia.



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We stand on the shoulders of giants and love to share our favorite resources. It’s one of our core beliefs that the research and resources behind our programs should not be secret. The more we share what we know, the better off we will all be when it comes to communicating. Plus— our clients are busy people: with hundreds of new articles and books published every year, we want to help you keep up to date and focus on reading only the very best. Here are a few of our favorites in our 7 key development areas: