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We understand you are busy, but the following information will really help us to customize our program for your needs. This survey is used to help tailor the sessions for:

1. Building Better Presence
2. Content Design I: Audience, Analysis & Better Intros
3. Content Design II: Narrative, Evidence & Conclusions

If you are in more than one of these programs, you only need to take the survey once! If you have any questions please email:


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Presentation Confidence *
Presentation Confidence
Please self assess your current presentation ability.
I am confident in my current presenting ability with internal audiences.
I am confident in my current presenting ability with external (non-internal) audiences.
Presenting does not make me nervous.
I make good eye contact with my audience.
I am comfortable at using hand gestures.
I have clear pronunciation.
My voice is strong and well-projected.
I use good vocal variety (change in pitch/tone) to match my message.
I am able to create engaging PowerPoint visuals.
My speeches have a clear organized structure.
I know how to create strong examples/business narratives to create audience interest.
I am able to engage my audience interactively.
I am comfortable answering audience questions.